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Who Am I? What Is This?

Hello! My name is Eladio Polanco.


Here are some key facts about me: I was born in the Dominican Republic, I moved to the United States when I was 11 years old, I live in Philly, and I love to talk. A lot.


So what better career choice for me than a broadcaster!

Empty Opinions is a brand I've created to have a safe space where I and many others could give our opinions on anything and everything we are passionate about, without the risk of people thinking we know more than anyone else. At the end of the day, my opinions are empty. But, I believe that the best way to learn anything is through conversation and exploration of ideas.

What can you expect from this brand? Well, via as many platforms as possible (YouTube, Social media, Podcasts, Blogs) you can expect content relating to pop culture, movies, TV shows, music and anything else that piques my interest. All in the spirit of deeper thinking, open conversation, and the sharing of good art.


So join me in this journey of learning. And who knows? Maybe one day my opinions won't be so empty anymore.

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